ShanghaiPRIDE 2017

15 June - 18 June


Thank you for joining the ShanghaiPRIDE 2014 official survey. Please take a few minutes and let us know what you think. Your participation is important and will help improve our community.

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Main Sponsors

ShanghaiPRIDE would like to thank our main sponsors, both international and local brands, for bring this year’s week-long festival to the next level. Pride6 will be the most exciting and vibrant to-date.

Consulate Sponsors

We would like to thank our friends from around the world for making ShanghaiPRIDE happen. This year’s film festival, art exhibition, theater performances, and panel discussions are held at venues sponsored by various foreign consulates in Shanghai..

Media Partners

ShanghaiPRIDE media partners help bring together friends and family from all over China and the world. We would like to thank them for making ShanghaiPRIDE truly international event.

ShanghaiPRIDE 2014 IDENTITY Theater Series – Izzie&Irving

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This year ShanghaiPRIDE theater focuses on the topic of IDENTITY. Identity is such a basic and ubiquitous human concept that we often take it for granted. When the truth you feel about your personal identity matches the truth other people assume about you, it creates harmony in life that most of us fail to appreciate. However, when you hide from your lover your birth gender, when your partner suspects you are attracted to someone of the same or different sex, when you don’t like who you are, when you can’t answer for yourself the question “Who am I?” You must either live in perpetual turmoil or undertake the difficult quest of aligning your self-identity with your public identity. We explore three facets of this struggle through three plays in our IDENTITY series.

Izzie & Irving
While running away from an unwanted female admirer, Irving runs right into Izzie. The two strangers become friends, fall in love and get married. A perfect “happily ever after” for any young couple in 1980s Shanghai…until a mysterious phone call threatens to tear everything apart. To save her marriage and family, Izzie has no choice but to take some extreme measures…MORE…    

Panel Discussion – Transgender: Health, Rights and Community Building


In Chinese society, transgender issues remain invisible even within the LGBT community. Very few organizations focus their efforts into contributing to the development of a more empowered transgender community. This year, ShanghaiPRIDE invites friends from UNDP, the media, the community, and supporters to share their work and experiences on this topic.

Visit Panel Discussion – Transgender: Health, Rights and Community Building for details.MORE…    


Our partners from different backgrounds have been working tirelessly to bring all the events together to celebrate diversity and unity. ShanghaiPRIDE is the result of the spirit of “Better Together”.

Raffle Prize Sponsors

ShanghaiPRIDE gives back to the community by supporting charities. We thank our raffle prize sponsors, all businesses in Shanghai, for donating prizes and gift vouchers to help our cause in creating awareness and promoting tolerance.

Deep Apology from ShanghaiPRIDE

Dear Pride Supporters:
We thank you for everyone’s support: parents, media, allies, community. It is only the 2nd day of Pride and the participants already exceeded our expectations. Pride is honored to have this support. A lot of effort was put in for tonight’s opening party, but there is much improvement to be made. Despite negotiations with the venue, we have angered and hurt many of you. We deeply regret and are utmost sorry for this.

Thank you for your feedback and kicking our asses! We hope to see you in our week-long festival.
Yours truly,
ShanghaiPRIDE Organizers&Volunteers

#Better Together#

Pride Run & Pink BBQ


We are proud to announce the opening of registrations for our annual Pride Run. Join us on our way out of the closet and into the heart of the city! The run will encompass a round course of about six kilometers and will start off at Xintiandi, with the Bund as the turning-point. In conclusion, The Langham, Xintiandi awards all runners to celebrate at the Pink BBQ for free. Non-runners are welcome to join the BBQ event.

Registration closed for Pride Run. If you are still interested, we will put you on the waitlist.

Participant numbers are very limited, so please make sure to register via our Taobao store as soon as possible. For those who do not use Taobao, please email your name+number+email address to Runners receive a free goody bag, official T-shirt, individual certificate, as well as free entry to our tasty BBQ. Proceeds of the run will go to Chengdu Tongle, an institution that raises HIV awareness in Sichuan’s capital.

Visit Event Page for more details.MORE…    

Opening Party


Celebrate the start of ShanghaiPRIDE 2014 with Peter Le at the most established venue in Shanghai, M2. We promise it will be a colorful night to remember.
This event is sponsored by M2, Shanghai Tattoo, Mr&Mrs Fitness, and Helan Online.
Free entry for limited guests, after which entry fee applies.
Visit the Event Page for details.

Dragon Events sponsors FREE rides

Dragon Events sponsors FREE rides for participants going from ShanghaiPRIDE Transgender Panel Discussion to Izzie&Irving Theatre Performance and from Izzie&Irving Theatre Performance to Film Festival Opening.

Time From To
13:00 US Consulate General Shanghai Public Affairs Section
Suite 540, Shanghai Center East Office Tower, 1376 West Nanjing Road (near Xikang Road), Jing’an District
Strictly Designers United
Building A, 55 Fuxing East Road (near South Zhongshan Road), Huangpu District
16:00 Strictly Designers United
Building A, 55 Fuxing East Road (near South Zhongshan Road), Huangpu District
The British Centre
17/F Garden Square, 968 West Beijing Road (near Taixing Road), Jing’an District


Venue Sponsors

Our venues this year are of exceptional standards and in prime locations. We thank our venue sponsors for hosting our diverse and interesting events throughout the week.

Outreach 2014

This year ShanghaiPRIDE is outreaching to other organizations around Asia to promote our festival and to encourage cross culture exchange.

Rendezvous: A​ ​Tragicomedy – Media & Student Special Preview


Rendezvous: A​ ​Tragicomedy Special Preview
Set in present-day Shanghai, Christie Koletto’s marriage to Julian has hit a major roadblock thanks to her inability to satisfy his desire to expand the family. As he pushes the issue and begins to lead a secret life, Christie continues her own double life. Sylvester, a charming stranger going through a major transition, enters Christie’s world hoping to be her man. A twist of fate will bring all three people together, calling into question their sense of identity, and their lives will never be the same again.

*English with Chinese subtitles.

Written by Jason Lasky
Story by Svetlana Lasky
Directed by Jason Lasky
Starring: Amanda Daniels, Paul Collins, Bon Wen
Produced by ShanghaiPRIDE, Shanghai Nvai and Meredith Yarbrough.

Date: 2014 June 12, 19:00
Student Ticket: 50RMB
Reserve your tickets via (name+Rendezvous+6/12+phone+email). Please provide valid student ID when you collect tickets at the gate.
Media: Free entry