Pride Talk 2018 – Calling for Speakers!

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We would like to invite anyone interested to be speakers at this year’s ShanghaiPRIDE Pride Talk happening in mid-June.

Let us speak up during Pride month! Every one of us has a colourful world waiting to be explored. Pride Talk is where our LGBTQ community, family, friends, and allies can speak up to show support and to promote this year’s ShanghaiPRIDE theme – Our Community, Our Identity, Our Pride.

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Pride Talk 2018 – Calling for Speakers!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of ShanghaiPRIDE and the theme is “Our Community, Our Identity, Our Pride”.

Prepare a presentation file with 20 slides. You have 20 seconds to talk about each slide. So, you have 6 minutes 40 seconds in total for the whole presentation.
Topics are LGBTQ-related experiences, work, thoughts, etc.

This event is open to all speakers regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Language can be either Chinese or English. We will provide coaching and arrange rehearsals for speakers.

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Come share with us your story! Referral of speakers also welcome!

Tap “HERE” to submit your application. Please leave your contact information and give us a summary of your presentation. Application deadline is 31-March.