Invitation: Pride Anniversary Gallery Partner

10 years? What’s so special about 10 years?

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10 years has seen so much change:
From shopping malls to Taobao;
From cash and bank cards to Alipay;
From Nokia 520 to iPhoneX;
From QQ Friends to WeChat Moments;
From FarmVille to Chicken Dinner;
From apartments as a necessity to apartments as a luxury;
From old-fashioned railway trains to brand-new high-speed trains;
From eight ShanghaiPRIDE organizers to over 30;
From 3,000 ShanghaiPRIDE participants to 6,500.

180111_Pride Museum Invitation_02 2012 ShanghaiPRIDE Art Show Volunteers

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2017 ShanghaiPRIDE Pride Art Volunteers

10 years ago, we learned to accept who we are;
10 years later, we have influenced other LGBTQ people to live better lives.
It has been a dream we never gave up over the years. Today we believe we can achieve our goals.

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For the 10th ShanghaiPRIDE this year, we are introducing Pride Anniversary Gallery as the part of ShanghaiPRIDE Art and Photo Exhibition to display the evolution of ShanghaiPRIDE, the Shanghai LGBTQ community, and the city itself over the past decade through audio, videos, souvenirs, memoirs, and dedicated displays.

We are inviting creative, passionate, and experienced curators like you, your team, or your studio to join us in setting up Pride Anniversary Gallery.

Besides promoting your brand online and offline, you will have the opportunity to witness and contribute to the development of ShanghaiPRIDE, Shanghai’s LGBTQ community, and diversity in the city alongside numerous passionate volunteers.

For more information or questions, feel free to contact or

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Photography is about light and shadow;
Drawing is about colors and shapes;
Crafting is about hands and materials;
No matter which art form you are in to,
summer 2018 is about you and ShanghaiPRIDE.

~ Our Community | Our Identity | Our Pride~