Hey! The second round of volunteer recruitment is on its way!

About ShanghaiPRIDE Volunteers

The 10th anniversary of ShanghaiPRIDE is coming up in 2018! Over the years, volunteers from all over the world have contributed to and grown alongside ShanghaiPRIDE. Many later became pivotal figures in LGBTQ-related organizations in other parts of the world! As a tradition, ShanghaiPRIDE has been entirely run by volunteers. We are working partners as well as a big family. Volunteering spirit is what keeps the festival going.

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What we do

Our aim is to raise awareness of and advocate acceptance for the LGBTQ community through various sports, cultural, and social activities. As a non-profit festival, ShanghaiPRIDE encourage the community and partners to support local grassroots development and fundraises for projects related to diversity issues. ShanghaiPRIDE promotes cross-cultural exchange locally as well as with LGBTQ festivals across the globe.
No matter who you are, where you come from, and where you are heading, as long as you support the LGBTQ community and want to contribute to a freer, more diverse, and more inclusive society, our volunteer team welcomes you!
We would like to invite you and your friends to join us!

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As part of our team, you will

Participate in LGBTQ festival to work towards community progress;
Connect with interesting and friendly people;
Share your experience and point of view with the community, and receive support in return;
Gain a better understanding of gender and LGBTQ issues, community demands, and self-identification;
Have chance to join some paid events for free;
Have opportunities to interact with other LGBTQ organizations;
Work with a highly organized team.

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Requirements for ShanghaiPRIDE Volunteers

Must be responsible, dedicated, detail-oriented, proactive, and creative – willing to support all kinds of events;
Must be efficient and able to contribute 2-3 hours per week.;
Have good communication skills; bilingual is a plus.;
Special skills such as translation, design, photography, photo and video editing, social media operation, etc. are a plus.;
Experience in organizing conventions, big events, and outdoor activities is a plus.

Volunteer Roles

Raffle and merchandise sales
Event planning and execution
On-site support for events
Creative design
Photography and videography
Translation and interpretation
IT support
Volunteer management and training
ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival (ShPFF) planning and execution
ShanghaiPRIDE Theatre Festival (ShPTF) planning and execution
Legal consulting

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The above are just some of the roles we need to fill. Find out more about volunteering for ShanghaiPRIDE and apply to become a volunteer at shpride.com/volunteer, or click Join us to help society better understand our community! Make new friends and gain new skills!

Let’s celebrate Pride10 together!