The 10th ShPRIDE is Starting Its Engine!

ShanghaiPRIDE will celebrate its 10th year in 2018. Back in 2009, it started as a farewell party, now we have grown from 8 organizers and around 10 events to a team of more than 30 and over 30 events to become a festival that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

ShanghaiPRIDE is celebrating its 10th year in 2018 and we are very excited to have you volunteering for the events again.2017recruit_1

First Round – ShPFF Volunteer Recruitment

ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival is one of the longest running and biggest LGBTQ film festival in Mainland China. We are determined to encourage Chinese LGBTQ film-making and promote these films to the world. Also, we bring in unique LGBTQ films from all over the world to promote cross-cultural exchange.


We have high standards and expectations for ShPFF and this makes the workload challenging. Hence we are starting the planning very soon!


We need:

1) Co-Curator
2) Researchers
3) Copywriters
4) Copywriting translators
5) Designers – program book, posters


If you:

1) are passionate about films
2) want to connect the films with the community
3) have a strong sense of responsibility and are proactive
4) have participated in event-planning, which would be an advantage (not limited to film screening, conference, exhibition etc.)


You will:

1) gain first-hand information about LGBTQ films
2) have teammates who have similar passions
3) enjoy long days and nights, 24 hours are just insufficient
4) improve your Chinese and Chinese + English proficiency in tremendous speed
5) have a collection of rainbow GIFs and stickers

Join us now! Click for the application form.

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