Event Recap: Pink Dot Xiamen

November 4 @ Pink Dot Xiamen

Pink Dot Xiamen was inspired the Pink Dot event that started in Singapore. The goal is to advocate for equality, freedom, and diversity. They want to eradicate discrimination based on gender, sexuality and sexual orientation, and advocate for legislation of anti-discrimination in China.

171114_Pink Dot_01

Pink Dot Xiamen was held by Salt Xm at a local hotel by the beach. They rented the space and invited sponsors, bands, organizations from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the general public to be a part of it. Despite of the weather, we still have over 500 attendees. Organizations and sponsors were assigned tables to display promotional materials and promote our events and businesses.

171114_Pink Dot_02

The event was planned for 5 hours, from 3pm to 8pm. Throughout 5 hours, there were non-stop activities on the stage – speeches, band performances, Q&A, and lucky draw. Just before sunset, we took the “pink dot” photo. After the wrap-up, the organizers proceeded with the volunteer appreciation dinner. We are very impressed with the organizers and the event, especially when this is only their second year. There were many similarities with ShanghaiPRIDE events, ie. Open Day, Pride Rocks, and Rainbow Bike Ride. Everything was well-planned.

171114_Pink Dot_03

ShanghaiPRIDE was invited by the organizers to attend the event, promote the community and activities in Shanghai, and do a speech. We were assigned a table to promote our festival on the beach together with more than 12 other organizations including PFLAG, Hangzhou Sunflower LGBT, Trans Sanctuary, and sponsors including local lesbian bar Tangkou and Out Family. As part of the agenda of the day, I was invited to be on stage to give a speech. I took the opportunity to thank and congratulate the organizers, encourage unity among the communities, and promote CnPRIDE.

171114_Pink Dot_04

Participants had to register online in advance and just scanned the QR code to mark their attendance. This is something we could start practising for paid events.

171114_Pink Dot_05

For lucky draw, numbers were written in front and back of the name tag sticker, this can save cost and encourage exchange of names. We could use this for smaller events.

171114_Pink Dot_06

For more information, please follow WeChat account salt-xm.