ShanghaiPRIDE 2017

15 June - 18 June

Pre-Pride Story-Telling


The night before Pride events officially begin, we will have a Pre-Pride Storytelling night at 390. Our theme for the night will be Awkward. If you have stories about any awkwardness in your life and you think you have a great story, come share with us, or just what others have to share.

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ShanghaiPRIDE 2014 Chinese LGBT Film Festival Online Voting

Film Festival 2014 Poster

ShanghaiPRIDE 2014 Chinese LGBT Film Festival Online Voting
The Film Festival is organized by ShanghaiPRIDE and co-organized by Mr. Qingsong Cheng is the president for the festival. As one of the most significant events of ShanghaiPRIDE, the film festival aims to promote the evolvement of the local LGBT culture, and raise public awareness and support for the local LGBT communities. All the films are available for viewing and voting now. Vote for your favourite LGBT film of the year!
Voting Period: As of today to 10-June, 2014
Award Ceremony: 15-June, 2014 (Sunday)
To watch the films nominated, click
Voting Method: After watching the films, click to vote

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Pride6 Fundraiser – DAFF Spring 2014 @ West Bund | Design, Art & Fashion Fair


ShanghaiPRIDE will have a booth at DAFF this June with new merchandise and information of the upcoming Pride Week. See you there!


7th-8th June 2014, 2pm-10pm
No. 2350, Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai (Near Longyao Road)

DAFFter Party

7th June, 10pm-4am
No. 2350, Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai (Near Longyao Road)


IDENTITY Theater Series – Cock


You are cordially invited to dinner this evening in Mr. M’slovely flat.

Please join our host, Mr. M, and the other guests on this special occasion.

Also present will be:

  • John, Mr. M’s long-term boyfriend
  • Miss W, the woman with whom John is having an affair
  • And Mr. M’s father, the surprise guest.

It’s time for John to make a decision,

And already things are awkward.

Cock portrays John’s struggle to figure out what and who he wants: M – his long-term boyfriend, or W – the first and only woman he has ever slept with. Because it is OK to like both of them, but just not at the same time, a decision must be made, so they all meet for dinner.

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ShanghaiPRIDE VIP Card


VIP Card will get you…

  • Opening Party: FREE ENTRY at VIP access lane + 1 drink
  • Closing Party: FREE ENTRY at VIP access lane + 1 drink
  • Theater Performance I: FREE ENTRY *
  • Theater Performance II: FREE ENTRY *
  • Mr&Mrs Fitness: One week free gym session + one session with personal trainer
  • D9: Two free drinks
  • Souvenir bag and T-shirt

Pre-Sale Price before June ¥500
Regular Price ¥600

This package is worth ¥2000 !!!

VIP card allows only one entry per card
VIP card membership can be renewed annually
* Seat reservation required at

You can buy your VIP Card at our Taobao store: or at any of the events around town.

Chengdu Tongle presents: Speak Out 2014


Speak Out 2014 – Hear the LGBT Community

Event postponed to September

Brief Introduction of “Speak Out”

“Speak Out” is our social innovative program this year, a panel discussion centered on LGBT themes. As the name suggests, we hope to let the public hear out the minority group – the LGBT community. We hope LGBT-friendly enterprises, groups and/or individuals will join us on our stage to speak out and make an effort to stamp out discrimination against the LGBT community.

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Pride6 Fundraiser – Naughty After School Party


Join us for a “Naughty After School Party” on Sat 31May 2014.  Come in your school uniform and enjoy a night that brings you back to your naughty school days.  DJ Sugar and performances to entertain you all night.  Proceeds help to fund Pride.MORE…    

Pride6 Fundraiser – Color Night in Beijing

Color Night

4 weeks away from the magnificent LGBT annual festival – the 6th ShanghaiPRIDE will have its grand opening in mid-June.
LesDo, one of ShanghaiPRIDE’s partners, will be hosting a lesbian only Color Night Party in Beijing, 31st May (Saturday), to celebrate a Proud June!

Woman In Business & Leadership Forum


It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the Shanghai Business Forum. Shanghai Business Forum is a series of events for those who do business in and outside of China, create opportunities, and drive change locally and globally. This launch will be marked by our session entitled “Women in Business and Leadership” and we have invited 5 Women leaders to speak and 10+ more from Top fortune 500 companies, NGOs, business owners and entrepreneurs to share their following insights/thoughts about:

  • The women of the East and West.
  • Cultural differences and how they affect Business
  • Leadership under Women
  • New paradigm Thinking about Women (See Attached)


Pride6 Fundraiser – Black & White Date


Ladies, gentlemen, Chinese, expats…
“Black & White Date” party will make you find anyone you want. BF, GF, BFF… Come and get surprised!
Dress code: Any black or white ties, shirts, suits, hats, shoes, socks, glasses, earrings, necklace, brooch…
Salad, canapes, cocktails, beers, soft drinks will be served…

Proceeds will be donated to ShanghaiPRIDE 2014. This year’s festival will be held 13-22June.MORE…    

16th of May (Friday) – ShanghaiPRIDE Hopes to Inspire @ TEDxWenhuiRd


TEDxWenhuiRd 2014 – Let us talk about SEX! Assoc. Professor, Yifei Shen from Fudan University; Yaya Chen from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; Raymond Phang from ShanghaiPRIDE etc., will take you onto a journey while we explore SEX. See you at East China University of Politics & Law, East Mingfa Building, 103; 16th of May (Friday), 3 PM. Seats are limited, purchase your tickets fast (30 RMB package ticket recommended), registration site: .MORE…    

NYU Shanghai Ally Week

What is NYU Ally Week?

At a large urban institution with hundreds of micro-communities, it is often challenging to foster meaningful cross-cultural interactions. The annual NYU Ally Week creates opportunities for students, faculty, and administrators to deepen their understanding of the experiences of others, and raise awareness of the individual and collective injustices that confront many in our society. Working from an intersectional and intercultural understanding of oppression, the entire campus community will be challenged to examine stereotypes and prejudice through events, a photo campaign, pledge stations, and social media!

To learn more about Ally Week across NYU’s global sites, visit:


ShanghaiPRIDE 1st Chinese LGBT Film Festival in Conjunction with ShanghaiPRIDE 2014 Film Festival Announcement

ShanghaiPRIDE will host its annual Film Festival in June 2014. As the most influential LGBT event of the year, ShanghaiPRIDE will also host the 1st Chinese LGBT Film Festival of domestically-produced LGBT-themed films as the start of the Film Festival. This event aims to establish a public platform for discourses on local LGBT social issues, promote the evolvement of local LGBT culture, and raise public awareness and support for local LGBT communities. Festival starts by submission of films, followed by film screenings online and at pre-Pride events, filmmaker-audience discussion, online voting, and ends with the award ceremony on June 15th.

ShanghaiPRIDE 1st Chinese LGBT Film Festival is organized by ShanghaiPRIDE and in conjunction with ShanghaiPRIDE 2014 Film Festival. Mr. Cheng Qingsong is the president for the festival.MORE…    

Better Together – Shanghai Celebrates its 6th Pride in June


Shanghai, 8th April, 2014 – ShanghaiPRIDE will proudly celebrate its sixth anniversary this year. Building on its traditional agenda of promoting tolerance and celebrating diversity, this year’s festivities will be organized under the slogan “Better Together”. The overarching theme of togetherness which will inspire and help shape various events reflects the aspirations of the Shanghai-based LGBT community to strengthen its position in terms of equal rights, acceptance, self-affirmation, and community-building within both the local and the global contexts, outreaching to other Prides around the world and joining the international LGBT Pride Month celebrations.
A colorful myriad of networking, social and entertaining, as well as cultural and educational events will be held before and culminate during the Pride Week from 13th to 22nd June 2014.MORE…