The 17th Queer Culture Festival

This year we can once again spot a ‘rainbow’ at the center of Seoul. The Queer Culture Festival, the biggest cultural event for queer people in South Korea, will begin at Seoul City Hall Plaza this upcoming June.

The Korea Queer Culture Festival Organization Committee (Myeoung-Jin KANG, Chairperson of the Organizing Committee as noted below) announced that the 17th Queer Culture Festival will be held for 9 days, starting with the Queer Parade at Seoul City Hall Plaza on June 11th. Read More…


Free yourself on a night of luminous unity – embrace a night where there is no discrimination,disapproval, judgement or prejudice for creating a new language of love. You live your life and answer to no man.
If you throw us to the wolves, we will return leading the pack. Read More…

Taiwan International Queer Film Festival

The first and only LGBTQ film festival in Taiwan comes back for a second year!
Taiwan International Queer Film Festival brings back a bigger, hotter film slate including Robin Williams’ last feature drama “Boulevard”; “I am Michael ” starring James Franco and Emma Roberts; Thailand , Lithuanian and Dominican Republic’s Oscar entries for Best Foreign Language Film “Summer of Sangaile” , “How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)”, “Sand Dollars” and many winners from the biggest film festivals: Berlin, Toronto, Sundance, Tribeca, Edinburgh…Read More…

Viet Pride

Viet Pride is an annual celebration of LGBT Pride in Vietnam, organised every first weekend of August. The celebration started in 2012 in Hanoi and has spread to 17 cities and provinces in Vietnam in 2014, with the participation of numerous LGBT supporters local and international.
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RoCK (Rainbow Community Kampuchea)

RoCK has a vision for Cambodia where Cambodian LGBT citizens live their life receiving full and equal respect, acceptance and human rights from all sectors of society, most especially families, communities and authorities. We wish Cambodian LGBT citizens can feel happy to be who they are and live happy lives.
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Korea Queer Festival

Korea Queer Festival has been the biggest LGBT cultural event in Korea since 2000. The organizer KQCF holds various events including Pride Parade, after parties, Korea Queer Film Festival and exhibitions every June.
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Taiwan Parade

Organized by Taiwan LGBT Pride Community, Taiwan LGBT Pride is one of the largest LGBT Pride events in Asia. It is hosted annually in the capital city of Taipei.
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Singapore Pink Dot

Pink Dot Sg is a non-profit movement started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBT Singaporeans call home. It is a group for everyone, straight and gay, who support the belief that everyone deserves the freedom to love. With openness and acceptance, we hope to bring LGBT Singaporeans closer to their family and friends.
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Tokyo Rainbow Pride

Tokyo Rainbow Pride aims to promote a society where LGBT and other sexual minorities can feel comfortable with who they are and live optimistic and fulfilling lives, free from discrimination and prejudice.
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gCircuit is Asia’s biggest gay circuit event organizer and they are responsible for the biggest gay dance festival in Asia called SONG KRAN. This 3-day, 5-party mega weekend is held during the Thai New Year in Bangkok and has attracted thousands and thousands of gay boys from around the world. gCircuit is famous for it’s world class production, fabulous shows and having the world’s finest gay circuit DJs to play at their parties. It is definitely not an event to be missed! Check out www.gcircuit.com for more information.