ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival Short Film Competition


We are proud to support filmmakers from around the world. Our short film competition aims to promote Chinese queer narratives. We accept fiction, documentary and experimental projects under 20 minutes.

As part of our year round program, we promote the best films we receive in traveling to other festivals in the region through the Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance, as well as our partners in Europe and North America.

Six awards are judged by a panel of film industry professionals. Our top prize includes being presented at Iris Prize in the UK, and a chance to win £30,000 funding for your next production. Winners will be announced on ShPFF Opening Night, June 19th.

Short Film Competition judges

Hong Khaou, filmmaker
BAFTA award nominee Hong Khaou spent 7 years at an independent film distribution company before making his debut feature film, Lilting. The film, starring Cheng Pei Pei and Ben Whishaw, premiered at Sundance Film Festival, going on to win acclaim and prizes around the world.
Hong Khaou

Quentin Lee, filmmaker
Since is award winning debut Flow, Quentin Lee has established himself as a significant figure in American queer cinema. His films Ethan Mao, Drift and Shopping For Fangs are cult favorites, giving visibility to queer Asian characters. ShPFF is honored to welcome him back as judge for a 2nd year.
Quentin Lee

Erica Lee, musician
Erica Lee is a celebrated musician and recording artist, dubbed ‘the voice of the soul’ by the media. Educated at the Shanghai Conservatory, she has since become an active force working in the jazz and the pop world globally, known for her unique clash of avant-garde and classical music.
Erica Lee

Kit Hung, filmmaker
Kit Hung is best known for Soundless Wind Chime. This mesmerizing love story was nominated for the Teddy Award at Berlinale, and frequently appears on critics’ top 10 lists of Asian queer cinema. He is based in Hong Kong and Switzerland.
Kit Hung

The 2016 nominees are:
BEST FILM – judge: Hong Khaou, writer/director of Lilting
Bad Love – Gary Yong
Kaspar X – If I Had a Soul – Kaspar Wan
The Right Bank – Yvonne Li
Yu and Rachel – Wu Zi En

BEST SCREENPLAY – judge: Quentin Lee, writer/director of Drift and Ethan Mao
Heart Station – Tao Jia
The Horseman & the Body – Wu Meng Han
The Right Bank – Yvonne Li
Yu and Rachel – Wu Zi En

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY – judge: Kit Hung, writer/director of Soundless Wind Chime
Bad Love – Gary Yong
Out in Chongqing – Ren Jie
The Right Bank – Ludovica Isidora
Yu and Rachel – Xiao Yi Fan

BEST SOUND OR MUSIC – judge: Erica Lee, musician
Heart Station – Eric Trahn
The Right Bank – Eni Njoku and Daniel Schniepp
Yu and Rachel – Min Xiao Yi

BEST EDITING – judge: Jiangang Wei, founder of Queer Comrades
The Chrysalis – Ding Yi
Kaspar X – If I Has a Heart – Alan Wai-Lun Cheng
Seeing Through the Eyes of Crocodiles – Shen Lian Fang
Three Minutes with Myself – Chen Qiu





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