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13 June 2014 - 22 June 2014

Chengdu Tongle present: Speak Out 2014


Speak Out 2014 – Hear the LGBT Community

Brief Introduction of “Speak Out”

“Speak Out” is our social innovative program this year, a panel discussion centered on LGBT themes. As the name suggests, we hope to let the public hear out the minority group – the LGBT community. We hope LGBT-friendly enterprises, groups and/or individuals will join us on our stage to speak out and make an effort to stamp out discrimination against the LGBT community.

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NYU Shanghai Ally Week

What is NYU Ally Week?

At a large urban institution with hundreds of micro-communities, it is often challenging to foster meaningful cross-cultural interactions. The annual NYU Ally Week creates opportunities for students, faculty, and administrators to deepen their understanding of the experiences of others, and raise awareness of the individual and collective injustices that confront many in our society. Working from an intersectional and intercultural understanding of oppression, the entire campus community will be challenged to examine stereotypes and prejudice through events, a photo campaign, pledge stations, and social media!

To learn more about Ally Week across NYU’s global sites, visit:


ShanghaiPRIDE 1st Chinese LGBT Film Festival in Conjunction with ShanghaiPRIDE 2014 Film Festival Announcement

ShanghaiPRIDE will host its annual Film Festival in June 2014. As the most influential LGBT event of the year, ShanghaiPRIDE will also host the 1st Chinese LGBT Film Festival of domestically-produced LGBT-themed films as the start of the Film Festival. This event aims to establish a public platform for discourses on local LGBT social issues, promote the evolvement of local LGBT culture, and raise public awareness and support for local LGBT communities. Festival starts by submission of films, followed by film screenings online and at pre-Pride events, filmmaker-audience discussion, online voting, and ends with the award ceremony on June 15th.

ShanghaiPRIDE 1st Chinese LGBT Film Festival is organized by ShanghaiPRIDE and in conjunction with ShanghaiPRIDE 2014 Film Festival. Mr. Cheng Qingsong is the president for the festival. MORE…    

China LGBT AntiDiscrimination Event – Changsha

Mainland China LGBT Summer Anti-Discrimination Event 2014
<Understand LGBT, Accept Yourself>

Changsha Gay Pride Parade

Introduction to the Event
City: Changsha, Hunan Province
Theme: Acceptance
Slogan: Understand LGBT, Accept Yourself; Proud To Be Gay; Support LGBT, Against Discrimination
Date: 17-18, May 2014
Attendees: Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, queers and LGBT-friendly people


Better Together – Shanghai Celebrates its 6th Pride in June


Shanghai, 8th April, 2014 – ShanghaiPRIDE will proudly celebrate its sixth anniversary this year. Building on its traditional agenda of promoting tolerance and celebrating diversity, this year’s festivities will be organized under the slogan “Better Together”. The overarching theme of togetherness which will inspire and help shape various events reflects the aspirations of the Shanghai-based LGBT community to strengthen its position in terms of equal rights, acceptance, self-affirmation, and community-building within both the local and the global contexts, outreaching to other Prides around the world and joining the international LGBT Pride Month celebrations.
A colorful myriad of networking, social and entertaining, as well as cultural and educational events will be held before and culminate during the Pride Week from 13th to 22nd June 2014. MORE…    

LGBT Speed Dating


LGBT Speed Dating setup enables participants to meet at least 15 potential matches in one evening. Not only do they provide a chance to find love, but they are also great for socializing and making new friends, and they are very fun!

Date: Wednesday April 23,8PM-10PM
Venue: Lola, Bldg 4, 570 YongjiaLu, near Yueyang Lu

Pre-registration starts April 14 -22,The price include a Shanghai PRIDE T-shirt
Ticket Price: online pre-registration ticket 50 RMB, and price on the door 80RMB MORE…