ShanghaiPRIDE 2016

17 June - 26 June



Would you help even if it’s not affecting you or anyone you know? What if it’s closer than you think?
According to the statistics from UNAIDS.ORG, there were a reported 437,000 people living with HIV/AIDS (including 263,000 people living with HIV and 174,000 AIDS patients) at the end of 2013 (numbers taken from “2014 China AIDS Responses Progress Report” by UNAIDS). There have been progress and achievement made in the terms of care, assistance, and treatment all over the world during the last few years. However, with the number of infected patients increasing and limited technology and methods available especially in certain areas, the living conditions of people living with HIV/AIDS can be very difficult.MORE…    

Queer Talks – HIV Sitgma


Queer Talks

HIV Sitgma

Sunday DEC 06


LOCATION: Cambio Coffee, 861 Jiangning Lu, close to Haifang Lu

HIV-related stigma and discrimination refers to prejudice, negative attitudes and abuse directed at people living with HIV and AIDS. The fear surrounding the emerging HIV epidemic in the 1980s persists today. At that time, very little was known about how HIV is transmitted, which made people scared of those infected due to fear of contagion. The consequences of stigma and discrimination are wide-ranging. Some people are shunned by family, peers and the wider community, while others face poor treatment in healthcare and education settings, erosion of their human rights, and psychological damage. These all limit access to HIV testing, treatment and other HIV services. We can put an end to this stigma, let’s talk about it!MORE…    

Kissmas Tree LGBT Night at Xintiandi

logo_Kissmas Tree

Join Our Kissmas Tree LGBT Night at Xintiandi

On 19th/Dec, Shanghai’s LGBT groups are joining forces again with Xintiandi to write yet another chapter of our holiday! As Christmas approaches, we’re looking for all LGBT couples to show the power of love through sharing a simple kiss. Join usas we make sure LGBT love
lights up the night this holiday season, bringing visibility and hope to Shanghai’s LGBT community.

Too shy to share center stage? Just come out as part of the audience to support and help cheeron the courage of others. There’s no better gift this Christmas than uplifting one another and support the love the LGBT community. Each kiss on stages meansa small donation to charity and an even larger contribution to a shared future where our love is celebrated all year long.

Event Time and Location:

19th Dec. 2015, 8:00– 10:00 pm

Xintiandi South Block, Atrium of Xintiandi Style

*Participation is free of chargeMORE…    

Queer Talks – Romantic Love


Queer Talks

Romantic Love

Sunday NOV 22


LOCATION: Cambio Coffee, 861 Jiangning Lu, close to Haifang Lu

Romantic love, we all know what it is, we have seen it represented in almost every single mainstream movie and book around the world. This Sunday, let’s re-think romantic love together! How do we experience it? Is it natural or necessary? How does it work inside -our outside- a capitalistic dynamic? Does monogamy determine how deep or real is your love? How do asexual and/or aromantic people navigate trough a romantic world?

ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival 2016 + Short Film Competition Launch


ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival (ShPFF) will return in June 2016

Following a hugely successful first year, 2016 will be bigger and better, continuing to support new Chinese filmmakers and bringing the cutting edge of international queer cinema to Shanghai. Details of events and new initiatives will be announced next year, and press enquiries are welcomed.

In October 2015, ShPFF became one of the founding members of the Asia-Pacific LGBT/Queer Film Festivals Alliance. Launched in Taipei, the alliance aims to support and promote work by filmmakers across the region, as well as improving access to resources.

Short Film Competition

ShPFF launched its Short Film Competition on November 16th, 2015. The competition invites filmmakers to submit works (fiction, documentary or experimental) which tell stories of LGBT/queer Chinese characters.
Filmmakers of all backgrounds and experiences are eligible. Our top prize includes the chance to win funding for your next film through our partner, Iris Prize. In 2015, that prize was £30,000 (300,000RMB).

Full details on how to submit are available at
For any questions, please contact:

Festival Coordinators:
Matthew Baren 马熊 & Alvin Li 李佳桓
ShPFF is part of ShanghaiPRIDE, Mainland China’s first Pride festival

A Spooktacular Halloween

Thanks to all pubcrawlers who came out to haunt the gayborhood last Saturday night. We had a spooktacular night!  Special thanks to Lollipop Bar & Lounge, Asia Blue, Rice Bar, Roxie, My Place Ruin Bar, Hunter Bar, Eddy’s, Shanghai Studio & Lucca. A recap on the scary souls!


Taiwan International Queer Film Festival


The first and only LGBTQ film festival in Taiwan comes back for a second year!

Taiwan International Queer Film Festival brings back a bigger, hotter film slate including Robin Williams’ last feature drama “Boulevard”; “I am Michael ” starring James Franco and Emma Roberts; Thailand , Lithuanian and Dominican Republic’s Oscar entries for Best Foreign Language Film “Summer of Sangaile” , “How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)”, “Sand Dollars” and many winners from the biggest film festivals: Berlin, Toronto, Sundance, Tribeca, Edinburgh… MORE…    

Queer Talks -Hypersexualization


Queer Talks


Sunday OCT 25


LOCATION: Cambio Coffee, 861 Jiangning Lu, close to Haifang Lu

Hypersexualization is the act of (hyper) sexualizing or accentuating the sexuality of someone, or to make someone extremely sexual
Why do we hypersexualize specific communities or identities? Exotify cultures that are different from ours? Why do we objectify and commodify bodies?




9TH OCTOBER 2015 SHANGHAI – ShanghaiPRIDE, QEvents & Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai held a press conference this afternoon to officially launch the Red Ribbon Gala Dinner which benefits AIDSLIFE Center.MORE…    

Queer Talks – Online Dating


Queer Talks

Online Dating

Sunday OCT 11


LOCATION: Cambio Coffee, 861 Jiangning Lu, close to Haifang Lu

No rice. No potatoes. No chocolate. No spicy. No, we are not talking about food allergies, this Queer Talk we will focus on LGBTQ online dating, racism and homonormativity. What impact, if any, does selective online dating services have on in-person interactions? What kind of  assumptions come with BTIA identities when online dating? Come and share your experiences and thoughts with us!MORE…    

ShanghaiLGBT Halloween Pub Crawl 2015

Halloween2015 (1)

Calling all ghouls, gays, ghosts, lesbians, vampires, bis, transsexual, transalvanians, straights, and anything on that spectrum. Halloween is coming, and with it comes a pub crawl that is completely wicked!

This year’s annual ShanghaiLGBT Halloween Pub Crawl will take you and two busses full of drunken evil fun to six friendly venues around the city.

You will receive free entry, free shots, special drink deals, and trivia gifts. We will have games and most of all a competition for the best costumes! So dress fabulous, glamorous and even scary.MORE…    



It’s fabulous…

It’s hilarious.. .and it’s definitely not the Bingo that your Grandmother played!  ShanghaiPRIDE will host a Bingo Fundraiser for PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) on August 22 from 9:00-11:30 pm at Happiness 42.  Our sassy hostess, Miss Jade, will take this sultry summer evening to the next cheeky and shameless level.

Bingo is fun, easy to learn, and easier to play, so we look forward to a full and rowdy crowd.  Only 100RMB to play, includes a bingo card, one free drink, and 2.5 hours of play with exciting prizes.

Date: Sat 22-Aug 9pm-11:30pm

Venue: Happiness42 – 42 Xingfu Lu near Fahuazhen Lu

Free entry


Meet ShPRIDE @ Glamour Summer Nautilus Fair


After the successful events in June, the ShPRIDE team is recharging and brainstorming for new ideas for next year. We are bored and we can’t wait to see everyone again.

Join us on the “Journey of Discovering Summer Hotness – Glamour Summer Nautilus Fair”. Come share with us your thoughts about ShPRIDE and if your are interested, join our volunteers team! For those who missed out on our fabulous merchandise, you can find LOVE T-Shirts, Love is Our Future T-Shirts and Bags, Rainbow Mugs and etc., while stocks last!

We will also have a 20-minute short film program at 5:20PM.


Letter of Appreciation to ShanghaiPRIDE

2015-07-23 Shanghai Qing’ai

Shanghai Qing’ai (Youth Aids Health Center) hereby acknowledges the donation of 20,000 RMB by ShanghaiPRIDE (Pride Run) in July 2015, which will be used for the “LGBT Community Inclusion” projects. The sum of amount has been banked in to Qing’ai Foundation via the Shanghai Charity Foundation Jing’an District Division.

We would like to thank ShanghaiPRIDE for their contribution to the LGBT community for the past 7 years. We promise that we will use the donation wisely, incorporating our center’s work, and continue to promote a more friendly environment for LGBT.

We hope that ShanghaiPRIDE continues to be successful in the future.


Shanghai Qing’ai

July, 2015