ShanghaiPRIDE 2016

17 June - 26 June



It’s fabulous…

It’s hilarious.. .and it’s definitely not the Bingo that your Grandmother played!  ShanghaiPRIDE will host a Bingo Fundraiser for PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) on August 22 from 9:00-11:30 pm at Happiness 42.  Our sassy hostess, Miss Jade, will take this sultry summer evening to the next cheeky and shameless level.

Bingo is fun, easy to learn, and easier to play, so we look forward to a full and rowdy crowd.  Only 100RMB to play, includes a bingo card, one free drink, and 2.5 hours of play with exciting prizes.

Date: Sat 22-Aug 9pm-11:30pm

Venue: Happiness42 – 42 Xingfu Lu near Fahuazhen Lu

Free entry


Meet ShPRIDE @ Glamour Summer Nautilus Fair


After the successful events in June, the ShPRIDE team is recharging and brainstorming for new ideas for next year. We are bored and we can’t wait to see everyone again.

Join us on the “Journey of Discovering Summer Hotness – Glamour Summer Nautilus Fair”. Come share with us your thoughts about ShPRIDE and if your are interested, join our volunteers team! For those who missed out on our fabulous merchandise, you can find LOVE T-Shirts, Love is Our Future T-Shirts and Bags, Rainbow Mugs and etc., while stocks last!

We will also have a 20-minute short film program at 5:20PM.


Letter of Appreciation to ShanghaiPRIDE

2015-07-23 Shanghai Qing’ai

Shanghai Qing’ai (Youth Aids Health Center) hereby acknowledges the donation of 20,000 RMB by ShanghaiPRIDE (Pride Run) in July 2015, which will be used for the “LGBT Community Inclusion” projects. The sum of amount has been banked in to Qing’ai Foundation via the Shanghai Charity Foundation Jing’an District Division.

We would like to thank ShanghaiPRIDE for their contribution to the LGBT community for the past 7 years. We promise that we will use the donation wisely, incorporating our center’s work, and continue to promote a more friendly environment for LGBT.

We hope that ShanghaiPRIDE continues to be successful in the future.


Shanghai Qing’ai

July, 2015

Letter of Appreciation to ShanghaiPRIDE

2015-07-12 Xuelian Nvai

Xuelian Nvai has received donation of RMB 6,000 from ShanghaiPRIDE7 Rainbow Bike Ride.

Donation will be used for building Xuelian Nvai lesbian communication platform, organizing off-line events, subsidizing nursing home and working on local lesbian dictated history program.

We want to express our gratitude for the contribution and support from ShanghaiPRIDE team, lesbian social APP Lesdo and all participants of Rainbow Bike Ride. We brought ethnic featured postcards to participants during the event hoping Xuelian Nvai could hold more fantastic events in the future with participants’ support.

Thank you again! Rahmat in Uygur Kazak, Aiqta in Mongolian! Welcome to visit us at northwest of China.

Xuelian Nvai

July, 2015

Letter of Appreciation to ShanghaiPRIDE

2015-07-18 Speak Out

Chengdu Tongle has received CNY 3,400 from ShanghaiPRIDE in July 2015, for the purpose of organizing the event of “Speak Out Chengdu 2015”.

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to ShanghaiPRIDE for its generous and consistent support to Chengdu Tongle in these two years. We promise to use the funding prudently and to promote a friendlier environment for LGBT. We wish a prominent future for ShanghaiPRIDE.

Best wishes,

Chengdu Tongle

Pride7 Steps into the Future

Shanghai, June 26, 2015—The seventh annual ShanghaiPRIDE festival wrapped up on June 21 following more than a week’s worth of social, cultural and educational events exploring the theme “Love Is Our Future” (爱予未来 ai yu weilai). Almost 6,000 attendees joined the ShanghaiPRIDE organizers in raising LGBTQ awareness and giving Shanghai a glimpse of a future in which tolerance and acceptance are the norm.

ShanghaiPRIDE 2015 Theatre Festival “Colours”【Ended】


The stage turns ‘gay’ because of you, and ‘not gay’ because of you.
No matter what your colour is, show us your ‘gay wisdom’.

This summer, FLYIMPROV and ShanghaiPRIDE will bring you a big colour collision: an improvised play “Colours”. No matter what your colour is, show us your ‘gay wisdom’, participate in this dynamic play-creation, and use colourful elements and diverse perspectives to ignite the artistic sparks.

ShanghaiPRIDE 2015 Holding Hands Campaign


We have just started a holding hands campaign.

See if we can hold hands around the world..

Just need to take a photo with you and someone holding hands and post on FB, weibo, or Instagram.

Remember to #shanghaipride.

Let’s see how far and wide we can go!

ShanghaiPRIDE 2015 OFFICIAL Closing Party【Ended】


Join us as we wrap-up the Pride7 week at the closing party for a night to remember!

Performances by fabulous queens, NoFACT Creative Group, Uni Vers, and HOT dancers await you!!

DJ line-up: FanBoy, Michelle Grant.

Date: Saturday 20-June
Time: 21:00-late

ShanghaiPRIDE 2015 Panel Discussion “HIV/AIDS & Our Future”【Ended】


This summer, we will host a sharing session with our community again. We continue to take this big step. Our goal is for you to leave more informed about organizations, groups and individuals who are putting much effort against a variety of issues and their feedback. Some information is scientific knowledge, development on prevention and care, and persistent stigmas and existing discrimination. While attending this panel discussion, you will learn what the efforts and challenges of local and global organizations are, and you will gain knowledge needed to fight the epidemic and how to provide for those who are living with the virus.

ShanghaiPRIDE 2015 LGBT Groups Open Day – Coming Out【Ended】


Whether you are part of the LGBT community or an ally, if you want to find out
what activities there are or what other organizations are around us, come out to the ShanghaiPRIDE 2015 LGBT Groups Open Day. Over 20 LGBT organizations, which include media, social networks and businesses, will be showcasing their activities.


ShanghaiPRIDE 2015 Theatre Festival “Bite My Thumb”【Ended】

Bite my Thumb

By Carolyn Gage
East West Theatre Presents
Part of the ShanghaiPRIDE Theatre Festival

Are you ready for a new kind of “Romeo and Juliet?”

East West Theatre presents “Bite My Thumb,” a reinvention of the popular story into a modern-day gay love triangle, setting two ‘gangs’ of off-off-Broadway productions against each other in a flamboyant subversion of traditional gender roles.

Female-to-male transgender meets lesbian cross-dressing, and lesbian butch squares off against male machismo, in this swashbuckling comedy that takes place for two performances only on June 18.


ShanghaiPRIDE 2015 Ladies Party【Ended】


This summer, the hottest ladies party is back! Join us for a night of entertainment, sexiness, and freebies at The Apartment.

Free shooters for the first 200 ladies who are The L app users.

Date: 18-June Thursday

Time: 21:00-03:00

Venue: The Apartment Room 302 – 3/F, 47 Yongfu Road (near Fuxing West Road)

FREE entry, ladies only (guys in drag are most welcome!), doors open to public after midnight.