ShPFF Meets Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Last Sunday, despite the rainy and windy weather, passionate film lovers filled up People Squared for the ShPFF x Australian Consulate General Shanghai Special Screening. When registration first opened, seats went out within a day. We are very excited that most of the audience attended ShPFF film screening for the first time.

20171015_ShPFF_Venue_Bai Kelin (2)

The Special Screening presented 2 short films which were among the top favorites during ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival in June. The first film was one of the top nominated films in the Chinese Short Film Competition, “Street Child”, and the second one was one of the top recommended films in the Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance program, “Late Bloomer”. The audience got emotional with the screening of the feature film “Between A Frock and A Hard Place”.

20171015_ShPFF_Venue_Bai Kelin (6)20171015_ShPFF_Audience_Bai Kelin (10)

We are very honored to have Stephan Elliott, director of the well known film “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” join us to share more about his film with the audience, and discuss efforts done for the Australian LGBTQ community.

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After ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival “LGBTQ film marathon” ended in June, we added a special screening in August. For the October edition, we would like to thank the Australian Consulate General Shanghai, People Squared and Gravity Subtitles. We hope to have more special screenings in the future, sharing awesome Chinese LGBTQ films to more audience and exchanging cross-cultural LGBTQ community efforts!

20171015_ShPFF_Guest_Bai Kelin (13) 20171015_ShPFF_Audience_Bai Kelin (11) 20171015_ShPFF_Guest_Bai Kelin (2) 20171015_ShPFF_Guest_Bai Kelin (17)

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