ShPFF Meets MAB “Beauty without Beards”

Last Saturday, despite the hot weather, passionate LGBTQ film lovers packed the “ShPFF x Modern Art Base” Special Screening. When the RSVP opened, seats went out within a few hours and the audience filled up the gallery on event day. We are also very excited that most of the audience attended ShPFF film screening for the first time.

pride flag in MAB with pride logos on screen

audience back with pride and shpff logos

audience watching stairs scene with pride flag

The Special Screening presented 6 awesome films who were winners and top favorites from the ShPFF Chinese Short Film Competition, including “Cocoon” – Liying MEI, “A Girl Covered” – Xin GENG, “Kill the Gay” – Qing WAN, “The Confession” – Hsuan-chi KUO, “Two Men” – Yuanhao ZHAO, and “Blooming Night” – Bell ZHONG.

audience watching qiubai in library

audience watching eye

We are very honored to have the Outstanding Trainee from Guangzhou Gay and Lesbian Campus Association of China’s 7th Edition Teacher Training Program of Gender Education, Robin Yan, and the Producer of “Blooming Night”, Sol Ye joining us, sharing more of their work and film with the audience, and discussing efforts done for the local LGBTQ community.

robin and Raymond back with audience

sol ye alone

Additionally, we also invited Shanghai Hyperbolic Singers for a special performance, presenting popular Chinese songs “Hongdou” and “Xinqiang”, and English song “True Colors”. The audience were amazed with their tunes and gave a big round of applause.

hyperbolic with peter and singers

When ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival ended in June, many from the audience told us that the “LGBTQ film marathon” was a great format, the program was creative and meaningful, and the films were of high quality. However, some hoped that there would be more screenings as they missed their favorites. We hope that we will have more special screenings in the future, sharing awesome Chinese LGBTQ films to more audience! Last but not least, a big thank you to Modern Art Base for their support!

audience clapping

group photo, ianna, sol, robin and Raymond

photo buttom_en