ShanghaiPRIDE 2017 Recap Video

At this year’s ShanghaiPRIDE-Pride9, we had the help of 180 volunteers who took 7 months to organize 34 events held in a total of 19 days spanning 4 months including the festival proper, which attracted more than 6000 participants.

As this is the 9th year of ShanghaiPRIDE, we made some changes and tried something new to continuously improve the festival.

Every year is a test of perseverance and learning experience for the Pride team. Every success of Pride9 is attributed to the efforts of the volunteers and the support of sponsors, partners, and participants.
This is the end of Pride9 which is also the beginning of the next milestone, Pride10. In conjunction with the 10th year of ShanghaiPRIDE, we will be part of the 2018 CnPRIDE. Stay tuned and see you next year!

【ShanghaiPRIDE 2017 Recap Video】

Tencent Video

YouKu Video