Thank You Letter from GLCAC (Gay and Lesbian Campus Association of China)

It is an honour for Gay and Lesbian Campus Association of China to receive RMB15,000 from ShanghaiPRIDE in July, 2017 in support of the Teacher Gender Equality Education Workshop (Yangtze River Delta).

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to ShanghaiPRIDE and other groups in Greater Shanghai Region for their care and support for training educators on gender and diversity friendliness and building LGBTQ-friendly environment in campus. We also would like to thank ShanghaiPRIDE for inviting us to participate in the 2017 LGBTQ Groups Open Day and Forum so that we can share our experience in the training mentioned.

GLCAC in ShanghaiPRIDE LGBTQ Groups Open Day1

GLCAC in ShanghaiPRIDE LGBTQ Groups Open Day

We conducted 6 sessions of training for educators on gender and diversity since 2015. Among 200 educators who recived our training, around 60 hosted gender and diversity related education events for their students. In the past 11 years, GLCAC has been seeing educators not knowing what to do when encountering cases like gay students committing suicide, lesbian student being driven out of home by her family, and children calling their classmates “faggot”. GLCAC realised it is of utmost importance to raise awareness of gender and diversity and to remove the stigma against LGBTQ students among educators.

Unfortunately, such kind of training is lacking in the current educator system. Even if there are, they are superficial and there are no post-training follow-up and support. Educators are essential in supporting LGBTQ students within the education system. However, in general, educators do not know about gender and diversity equality, let alone supporting LGBT students. According to a survey we conducted for around 120 educators, 96% do not know about transgender. Some educators are even the perpetrators themselves. Some students reported that they were bullied by these educators.

With such urgency, the support offered by ShanghaiPRIDE really meant a lot to improve the LGBTQ-friendly campus of China.

GLCAC in ShanghaiPRIDE LGBTQ Groups Open Day2

GLCAC in ShanghaiPRIDE LGBTQ Groups Open Day

We value your trust and support. We promise all of your donation will be spent on supporting the workshop to train educators on gender, diversity, and equality, in order to prepare these educators to educate their students to be gender and LGBTQ-friendly. Besides Hangzhou, we will also conduct the workshop for local educators in collaboration with a middle school in the Pearl River Delta.

If you are an educator, social worker, psychological consultant, or in any other profession serving the society who wants gender and diversity education to be introduced to your students and subjects to nurture a more gender and diversity friendly environment, feel free to reach out to us at

We would like to thank ShanghaiPRIDE again for your support. We wish CnPRIDE a big success in 2018!
Yours sincerely,

Gay and Lesbian Campus Association of China