Event Recap: ShPTF IV – Wows the Audience

ShanghaiPRIDE Theatre Festival (IV) – Wow! Live Webcast closed with a bang. Produced by Shanghai Jinhui Entertainment Corporation, the play is a satirical live-streaming competition where five talents compete for a single contract with Aloha.

After a brief introduction by Max, the show host, five anchor contestants on Aloha begin their live-streaming respectively. They are: Tiannü the makeup tutorial artist, Mr. BB the owner of an online store with the tagline “If you’re not buying, no bitching”, Myth Liu the astrology expert, Shi Liyu the online sweetheart, and Li Zhanfeng the top-earning body builder. The five contestants were invited to enter the game for a chance to win an RMB10million contract.

ShanghaiPRIDE would like to thank Jinhui Entertainment Corporation, the director, cast and crew of the “Wow! Live Webcast” for their hard work and sleepless nights to be part of this year’s ShanghaiPRIDE Theatre Festival.

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