ShanghaiPRIDE Theatre Festival 2017 – The Time is Now

The Time is Now 精彩纷

The wait is over, the time to take action has come – for if not now, when? And the wait for this year’s ShanghaiPRIDE Theatre Festival is almost over. Last year ShanghaiPRIDE was proud to present a number of exceptional performances concerning issues dear to the LGBTQ community in both Chinese and English. This year, under the steady hand of Lilian Shen, we have a new host of programs ready to raise awareness, smiles and even a few tears to your eyes.

ShPTF Schedule 2017207931183

Artist Showcase

A collection of Shanghai’s most talented people come together to celebrate diversity, the arts and ShanghaiPRIDE. Featuring spoken word artist Haena, bilingual badass Jinghua – the rapper with swag, Duet Damsels Chen and Juanmao, and the infamous Drag King of Shanghai – Ennis F.W. The night ends with rhythmic and harmonious styles of Shanghai’s first (and only) female improv team – Woke Up Like This.ShPTF_1

Chinese Improv

A show that has never been seen before and will never be seen again! Two of Shanghai’s largest Chinese improv teams come together in support of ShanghaiPRIDE – Zhimakong from Zmack Shanghai and The Improvisors!ShPTF_2

Tall Tall Mountain & Strange Birds

One of 12 plays developed under Ibsen International’s “New Text, New Stage” project, Oda Fiskum’s emotional coming of age story, first performed as a stage reading in Beijing, finally comes to life for ShanghaiPRIDE. Full of mysterious betrayals, struggles to adapt and searches for answers, do not miss this dramatic play from Shanghai director Yisha Lu.


When popular live streaming platform, Aloha, offers an official anchor position to four of its most popular streamers, they neglect to mention that only one will receive the highest level contract, which comes with a 10 million yuan bonus. What follows is a 24 hour live-streaming show down between our finalists and, with fame and fortune on the line, is it any surprise that no one feels like playing fair?哎呀!直了BO我改

Collective Rage

Join us for Jen Silverman’s absurdist romantic comedy as we follow the stories of Betty, Betty, Betty, Betty and Betty as they collide at the intersection of anger, sex and the ‘thea-tah!’ Directed by Lelia TahaBurt, Collective Rage confronts you with the female identity in a way that is inspired, boldly uncompromising and hysterical.ShPTF_5