Queer Talks – Shades II: Colorism

How do you define beauty? Often, our beauty standards are shaped by social influences and history we are exposed to from a young age. Media and advertisements consistently bombard us with whitening products, telling us: “the whiter the better. And then there’s the moment when tanning products were not widely received by Chinese netizens. Should a boy decide to use cosmetics? If he does,is discrimination a guarantee? “BEAUTY” intersects skin tone, gender, class…everything that we assume is equivalent to aesthetic. Join us on April 16th, to talk about colorism and mainstream society’s (unattainable) standards of beauty in the queer community.

Date: Sunday April 16th
Time: 5:30PM
Venue: Roxie, 359 Kangding Rd 2F near North Shanxi Rd

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QT 16Apr2017