ShPRIDE Visits Down Under

Besides the parade, Sydney Mardi Gras has a big focus on the arts program. Many conversations regarding collaborations have been started, so stay tuned for a great line up during ShanghaiPRIDE in June!

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“A new friend who was on the same float pat my back, we congratulated each other and took many group photos with other float members. While the festive music was still on-going, cheers from the crowd started to quieten, I then realized we were at the end of the parade’s designated route.”

by Raymond

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According to figures provided by Sydney Mardi Gras official website, there were 185 floats, 1.1km of parade route, 12,000 parade participants, and 4 hours of parade viewing time.


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After a quick lunch on parade day, we were on our way picking our rainbow wings and tutu, and selecting souvenirs for our followers. Oxford Street, the main path of the parade, was already filled with rainbow flags, colorful balloons, and wonderful decorative. It was drizzling in the afternoon but that did not stop members of the parade to gather at Hyde Park.


Everyone was busy with their costumes, and rehearsing the performances and formations. I was with the ACON float, they are Australia’s biggest LGBT support organization. While the parade preparation was underway, I had all the opportunities to visit other interesting floats.


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This trip made us realized the similarities we share among LGBTQ community organizations. The openness and freedom of the Australian society, and achieving LGBTQ rights and protection are all tough battles, they are fruits we reap from the efforts of community organizations and allies.


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A few community leaders shared with us that Sydney Mardi Gras, turning 40 next year, and many LGBTQ organizations will still carry the responsibility of promoting diversity and inclusion, continuing the advocacy of anti-discrimination and human rights.


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Key members of the Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance (APQFFA) also share that most of their local communities focus on film festival, conferences, sports, theater, and art events to promote awareness and increase visibility and acceptance.


There were fabulous floats and dance performances, rainbow flags were everywhere, and everyone was gay. It has been a week since we came back to Shanghai, we miss Sydney already!


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