ShanghaiPRIDE 2017 Pride Rocks Performance Invitation

To all LGBTQ friendly music talents, we’d like to invite you to participate in our brand new “Pride Rocks” music event under ShanghaiPRIDE to promote the spirit of diversity, sharing, and grassroots.



Answer: “Pride” represents our LGBTQ community. To be more specific, it represents we’re proud of what and who we are by birth. “Rocks”, as in the music genre Rock and Roll, reflects our goal to present music that goes into your heart in our event. We’d like to gather all music lovers, regardless of circles and labels, for a single purpose: Music. In the meantime, through ShanghaiPRIDE, we’d like to provide a platform to promote quality local music bands.


Answer: ShanghaiPRIDE won’t last until now without the support of the LGBTQ friendly community. As the first Pride in mainland China, we’ve been speaking out for the LGBTQ community in many different ways. Music, as a universal language, is an effective way to to facilitate mutual understanding and to eliminate prejudice and labels. In music, there’s no differentiation between being LGBTQ or straight. What only matters is the love for music. That’s something we’d like to try this year, and that’s how the idea of Pride Rocks came up.


Answer: Since this is the first Pride Rocks, we’d like it to reflect the vibrance of ShanghaiPRIDE, diversity, sharing, and grassroots. For this purpose, we think genres like psychedelic, trip-hop, pop, and rock and roll serve us the best.

We’d like to invite music bands based in Shanghai or nearby specialized in psychedelic, pop, trip-hop, and rock and roll to perform in Pride Rocks.
Time: Mid-June
Location: Shanghai

Interested parties, please send over the following information to by April 28, 2017.

Band Name:
Music Style:
Based in:
Contact No., WeChat ID, and Email:
Website or Links to Recordings or Video Clips:
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