SHANGHAI – At this year’s 29th World AIDS Day, ShanghaiPRIDE, Q-Events, and Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai hosted yet another Red Ribbon Gala Dinner raising a total of CNY 60,000 for Shanghai Qingai Health Center.

pr-rrgd-1Proud sponsors and partners of 2016 Red Ribbon Gala Dinner

Shanghai Qingai Health Center is a charity organization established by motivated college students focusing on youth sex health. The center serves the youth community in Shanghai by promoting safe sex measures, providing professional training, developing discussion forums, providing psychological intervention services, and providing counseling and testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases (STI/STD’s) including HIV/AIDS. It aims to help the Shanghai youth community develop a positive life attitude, advocate a healthy lifestyle, and nurture a pleasant social environment.

Mr. Bu Jiaqing, Secretary General of Shanghai Qingai Health Center, mentioned at the gala that HIV infections have been increasing tremendously among university and college students for the past five years. Qingai educates youth groups to protect themselves from STI/STDs and helps those living with HIV improve their quality of life. Funds raised tonight will be used to support HIV prevention projects for high schools in Shanghai and anti-discrimination-themed events for the public.

pr-rrgd-2Mr. Bu Jiaqing giving a speech at the dinner

Over 180 esteemed guests arrived at the charity gala to show their support for the campaign to raise awareness of prevention and fight discrimination against HIV/AIDS.

pr-rrgd-3pr-rrgd-4pr-rrgd-5Guests at the Red Ribbon Gala Dinner

Guests at the Red Ribbon Gala Dinner

pr-rrgd-6Cocktail reception by Stoli Vodka

pr-rrgd-7Rhythmic string quartet performance

pr-rrgd-8Jazz songs by Mr. Frank Bray

pr-rrgd-9Tango performance and audience participation

It was an honor to have Mr. Cheung Kam Hung Kenneth, Founder of Rainbow China, to share his experience and life phases as he has been living with HIV for more than 20 years. He also shared some touching stories of his work in eliminating discrimination of HIV/AIDS and helping those who are infected.

pr-rrgd-10Mr. Cheung Kam Hung Kenneth sharing his experiences

Four-course dinner by Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai

The charity gala dinner was sponsored by TrueBaby, Rainbow Rabbit, Time Out Shanghai, and City Moments and supported by Stoli Vodka, Il Vino wines, Earth Water, City Weekend, and That’s Shanghai. More than 20 hotel, food & beverage, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle businesses donated raffle prizes. Table buyers include AMC, Lelo, Lucca390, Mr. Andrew Wong, Mr. Cameron Irving, Ms. Diana Hoon, Mr. Hanscom Smith, Mr. Jun Gonzales, and Ms. Rose Hu.

pr-rrgd-15Gold Sponsor TrueBaby

pr-rrgd-16Bronze Sponsor Rainbow Rabbit

pr-rrgd-17Wine and water by Il Vino and Earth Water respectively

pr-rrgd-18Raffle prize and gift bag sponsors

Director of ShanghaiPRIDE, Raymond Phang, moderated the raffles after a brief thank you speech. First round raffle prizes were drawn by Mr. Lim Li, CEO of TrueBaby, and Ms. Lin Tao, Co-Founder of Q-Events, while the second round raffle prizes were drawn by Ms. Charlene Liu, Co-Founder of ShanghaiPRIDE, and Mr. Robert Hamer, General Manager of Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai. A silent auction of autographed photos and items by celebrities were held at the dinner too. Both the raffle and auction attracted much interest.

pr-rrgd-19CEO of TrueBaby, Mr. Lim Li, drawing raffle prize winners

pr-rrgd-20Co-Founder of Q-Events, Ms. Lin Tao, drawing raffle prize winners

pr-rrgd-21Co-Founder of ShanghaiPRIDE, Ms. Charlene Liu, drawing raffle prize winners

pr-rrgd-22Mr. Robert Hamer, General Manager of Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai, congratulating Grand Prize winner

pr-rrgd-23Silent auction corner

All guests were presented with gift bags, which include a cactus by Qingai’s green care project as a token of appreciation for their generosity and support.

With the success of the evening, the organizers hope the Red Ribbon Gala Dinner held in conjunction with World AIDS Day will be an annual charity event on the Shanghai social calendar. They would like to invite partners from corporate, media, and health communities to join forces and make a greater impact on the cause.

pr-rrgd-24pr-rrgd-25Guests at the gala dinner

pr-rrgd-26Gala dinner volunteers

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